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predicting responses to climate change

from molecules to populations and ecosystems

about the lab

Our research group, led by Dr Natalie Pilakouta, is based in the Centre for Biological Diversity at University of St Andrews. The overarching aim of our work is to improve our ability to predict population responses to human-induced environmental changes and, in particular, climate change. We are also interested in linking these population responses to the underlying molecular mechanisms and their effects on ecosystem-level processes.

Working towards this goal, our research integrates behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, and ecophysiology, using a wide range of methods, such as experimental evolution, field-based studies, molecular biology techniques, and theoretical approaches. We work mainly on fish and insect study systems, but our work is question-driven rather than species-driven. We also use meta-analytic techniques to answer questions with a broad taxonomic scope. If you are interested in joining the lab, click here for more information and any open positions.



April 2024 ― Natalie has taken on the role of Deputy Director of Research in the School of Biology


February 2024 ― New paper in Ecological Solutions and Evidence, which is the result of a large collaborative effort to produce a systematic map of studies testing the relationship between temperature and animal reproduction

January 2024 ― Welcome to Oli Green who has joined the lab for his MSc project!

December 2023  Hot off the press! New paper in American Naturalist examining the effects of parental care on inbreeding depression using a meta-analytic approach

November 2023 ― Natalie gave an invited talk at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


October 2023 ― We are currently advertising two PhD projects in our lab! You can find details on this page

September 2023  Welcome to Ellie Moore, Daniel Allan, and Isobel Grieve who have joined the lab for their Honours projects, and Alison Russell who is doing a StARIS research internship

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