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February 2023 ― Natalie has joined the Editorial Board of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology!

January 2023 ― New paper on the effects of temperature on social behaviour in Global Change Biology (featured on the cover of this month's issue!)

January 2023 ― New paper in Evolution on the predictability of morphological evolution in response to temperature

January 2023  New paper on temperature preferences in geothermal fish populations in Ecology and Evolution

December 2022 ― Ava presented a poster and Natalie gave a talk at the BES Conference in Edinburgh

December 2022 ― Natalie gave an invited talk at Newcastle University

November 2022 ― Karendeep is attending this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt

October 2022 ― We are advertising two fully-funded PhD projects in our lab! Check the Join Us page for more details

September 2022 ― Welcome to Amber Chatten who is joining the lab as a PhD student to study the effects of environmental change on marine populations!

September 2022 ― This term we welcome five undergraduate students (Alice Ligonniere, Emma Cassellis, Lorelei Sellers, Rebecca Barratt, and Shannon Harvey) joining the lab for their Honours projects!


July 2022 ― Natalie contributed to an article in The Guardian on the effects of heatwaves on wildlife

July 2022 ― Check out our new paper in the Journal of Animal Ecology on the effects of temperature on mating patterns (featured on the journal cover)

June 2022 ― A warm welcome to Veronika Ljungberg and Zoe Wright who are joining us as field assistants this summer

May 2022 ― Karendeep presented her results on the effects of heatwaves on parental care at EMPSEB in Espoo, Finland!

May 2022 ― Check out our new preprint entitled "Effects of temperature on mating behaviour and mating success: a meta-analysis"

April 2022 ― Natalie gave an invited seminar at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland

April 2022 ― Natalie has been awarded an Early Career Conference Grant by the Association of Commonwealth Universities

March 2022 ― Congratulations to Karendeep who has been awarded an Equal Opportunities Congress Attendance Aid grant!

February 2022 ― Karendeep Sidhu, a PhD student in the lab, is starting a 3-month UKRI policy internship at the Royal Society of Biology

January 2022 ― Our two undegraduate students, Charlotte Malcolm and Matina Zafeiri, have completed their Honours projects!


October 2021 ― Another fully-funded PhD position is available in our group - this project will investigate the molecular mechanisms linking parental care to ageing

September 2021 ― We have a fully-funded PhD position available in our group! This project will investigate how burying beetles influence ecosystem processes through their parental behaviours and how this might be affected by environmental change

September 2021 ― A warm welcome to Charlotte Malcolm and Matina Zafeiri who are starting their Honours projects in the lab!

June 2021 ― Check out our special column on sexual selection and environmental change in this month's issue of Current Zoology

May 2021 ― New paper on evolvability under climate change now out in Evolution & Development

April 2021 ― Natalie has been awarded a Royal Society research grant to study the effects of temperature changes on behavioural interactions

March 2021 ― Hot off the press! Our editorial entitled "Sexual selection and environmental change: what do we know and what comes next?" is now out in Current Zoology

March 2021 ― Natalie gave a plenary talk at the European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology (EMPSEB)

January 2021 ― Congrats to Nikki and Charlotte for completing their Honours projects - stay tuned for some very exciting results from this work!

December 2020 ― Natalie gave two (virtual) talks at the ASAB Winter Meeting and the BES Annual Meeting

November 2020 ― Fully-funded PhD position available in our research group! This PhD project is on parental care and ageing in burying beetles, and the application deadline is 6 January 2021

November 2020 ― Natalie gave an invited talk at Uppsala University's seminar series

October 2020 ― Natalie has joined the Functional Ecology Editorial Board as an Associate Editor!

October 2020 ― A warm welcome to Karendeep Sidhu, who has just joined the lab as a QUADRAT PhD student! She will be studying sexual selection under climate change using a combination of experimental, theoretical, and meta-analytic approaches

September 2020 ― This month, we welcome two new lab members! Charlotte Patterson and Nikki Watt are doing Honours thesis projects on parental care

August 2020 ― New bioRxiv preprint on the predictability of morphological evolution in contrasting thermal environments

June 2020 ― Congratulations to Anais Baillet who has successfully defended her Master's thesis!

February 2020 ― New paper in Functional Ecology on metabolic rate evolution in different thermal environments

January 2020 ― Anais Baillet, a visiting student from University of Rennes, has joined the lab! For the next five months, she will be working on a project looking at the effects of temperature on mating behaviour

November 2019 ― Natalie gave an invited seminar at The James Hutton Institute

November 2019 ― Natalie visited Alison Bell's lab at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, funded by an Early Career Researcher Exchange Grant from the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA)

October 2019 ― Natalie gave an invited seminar at University of Edinburgh

October 2019 ― Natalie has joined University of Aberdeen as a Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Conservation!

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