February 2020 ― New paper in Functional Ecology on metabolic rate evolution in different thermal environments

January 2020 ― Anais Baillet, a visiting student from University of Rennes, has joined the lab! For the next few months, she will be working on a project looking at the effects of temperature on mating behaviour


December 2019 ― Two fully funded PhD studentships are available in my lab for an October 2020 start date (click here for more details)

November 2019 ― I gave an invited seminar at The James Hutton Institute

November 2019 ― I gave an invited seminar at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I was visiting Prof Alison Bell's lab to learn some new neurogenomic methods

October 2019 ― I gave an invited seminar at University of Edinburgh

October 2019 ― I have joined University of Aberdeen as a Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Conservation!

September 2019 ― New preprint on metabolic adaptation to elevated temperatures in threespine sticklebacks

August 2019 ― I attended the European Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting in Turku, Finland, where I gave a talk on the effects of temperature on social behaviour and organised a symposium on sexual selection and reproductive strategies

August 2019 ― New paper in Evolution & Development on how phenotypic plasticity can initiate developmental bias 

July 2019 ― I gave a plenary talk at the British Ecological Society Undergraduate Summer School in Millport, UK

July 2019 ― I gave a talk on how metabolic rate evolves in response to elevated temperature at the SEB Annual Meeting in Seville, Spain

June 2019 ― I was awarded a SULSA Early Career Exchange Grant to visit Alison Bell's lab at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

May 2019 ― I talked about biparental care in burying beetles at the Pint of Science Festival

April 2019 ― I presented a poster on the effects of temperature on sociability at the ASAB Easter Meeting in York, UK

March 2019 ― I received an Early Career Researcher Prize from the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA)! You can watch my winning presentation here.

February 2019 ― I gave an invited talk at the Evolutionary Analysis Group seminar series at University of Glasgow

January 2019 ― My photo of stickleback embryos was selected as "Highly Commended" in the British Ecological Society photographic competition 

December 2018 ― I was awarded a research grant from the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund at University of Glasgow

November 2018 ― I attended a 1-week workshop on bioinformatics for DNA and RNA sequence analysis 

October 2018 ― I wrote an article on burying beetle parental care for The Conversation

October 2018 ― I gave an invited seminar at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

August 2018 ― New paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on biparental care in burying beetles (with press coverage by The Times, The Daily TelegraphThe Sunday Post, The HeraldScottish Daily Mail, Herald Sun, Evening TimesThe Australian, The Health SitemyScience, Metro, Western Morning NewsThe Press and Journal, News Letter, and The Sun, as well as radio interviews with BBC Good Morning Scotland, BBC Newsday, and UCB1 Radio)

July 2018 ― I gave a talk at the 9th International Conference on Stickleback Behavior and Evolution in Kyoto, Japan

April 2018 I have been promoted to Research Associate in the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health, and Comparative Medicine at University of Glasgow

March 2018 ― I spent one week in North Iceland doing fieldwork in collaboration with Skúli Skúlason and Bjarni Kristjánsson at Hólar University College

February 2018 ― I was awarded 2nd prize in the Glasgow Natural History Society Photo Competition for my photo of Dubh Lochan at the University of Glasgow field station 

December 2017 I gave a talk on inbreeding and sexual selection at the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Winter Meeting in London, UK

August 2017 ― I presented a poster on parallel evolution across constrasting thermal environments at ESEB in Groningen, The Netherlands (PDF)

May‒July 2017 ― I conducted a field experiment on three-spined sticklebacks in Iceland (funded by NERC and ESEB)

March 2017 ― I received a Godfrey Hewitt Mobility Award from the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB)

December 2016 ― New paper in Animal Behaviour on female mating preferences for outbred versus inbred males

November 2016 ― New paper in Ethology on the effect of predation risk on heterospecific mating preferences

September 2016 ― New paper in Proceedings of they Royal Society B on maternal effects and inbreeding depression

August 2016  I presented a poster on the effects of fighting contests on parental investment at ISBE in Exeter, UK (PDF)

July 2016 ― I am now an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)!

June 2016 ― New paper in American Naturalist on the effects of contest experience and contest outcome on parental investment and offspring fitness (with media coverage by ScienceDaily,, EurekAlert, and Science Newsline)

May 2016 ― I was awarded the ABTA Doctoral Researcher Award in Life Sciences (1st place in the UK)


April 2016  I won an award for best talk at the Scottish Conference on Animal Behaviour in Stirling, UK


March 2016 ― I received a Student Research Award from the American Society of Naturalists


January 2016 ― New paper in Journal of Evolutionary Biology on sibling competition and inbreeding depression


December 2015 ― New paper in Animal Behaviour on the resolution of sexual conflict over consumption of a shared resource


November 2015 ― New paper in Journal of Evolutionary Biology on state-dependent biparental cooperation


September 2015 ― I was on the organizing committee for EMPSEB (European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology), which took place in Stirling, Scotland on September 8-13


August 2015 ― I presented a poster on parental care and inbreeding depression at ESEB in Lausanne, Switzerland (PDF)


June 2015  Our paper showing that parental care can moderate the severity of inbreeding depression is now out in PNAS (with media coverage by the Financial Times)

May 2015 ― I'm now on Twitter! @NPilakouta

Copyright 2020 ― Natalie Pilakouta

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